flayon’s birthday & 3d room shrine.. thing

A disclaimer before you witness these images: Please know this was made out of complete respect and dedication for HoloStar’s Machina x Flayon and what he does, and is not meant in anyway to defame or harm him. There is no romance to this, other than the 10$ I give him per month as a MachiGByte and the random support messages I sent to him in his lives every once in a blue moon or two. I am truly proud of this little guy, and I want to support him on his wacky Tempus adventures and beyond. If you somehow magically see this Flayon: Hi. I’m completely normal, I swear.

With that out of the way. Hi. The room you’re about to see is inspired by Tobyn Jacobs, known as the Sayaka Mizuno guy and his Sayaka Room. If you know who he is, then this needs no explanation, but if not, well… I will let the images speak for themselves.

This man really, *really* loves Sayaka Mizuno. He also resides in the same exact city as me. I can’t help but be sure between danganronpa and there being something in the water here that makes me respect that *and* want to make a room like this. Stay Classy, San Diego.

Machina x Flayon- referred to as Flayon thru the rest of this post- is a VTuber from HoloLive’s HoloStars EN I had discovered during my COVID isolation this past Valentines. Apparently, he and another VTuber were a huge influence on destroying Tumblr’s awful TumblrLive system (yippee!!!!!!!!!!) and out of respect I had to check him out.

I absolutely adore his chaotic, silly energy he puts into all of his streams and MAN… Do I love good VA work when I hear it!!! He has the RANGE of an every man voice and its nuts to get to witness!!!! He encourages his fans (Machiroons is what we’re called) to do their best, be safe, and love themselves. but he also seems to enjoy and encourage when the ‘roons go a little nuts for him- maybe a little insane even.

This here? This is the tweet that sealed his fate, and inspired me to be a bit insane. So, I went a insane, making a Flayon themed room *just because I could*

Does that mean I should? No. Absolutely not. I probably should not even be posting about this right now. But aren’t you curious? That’s why you’re reading this, arent you? To know, the wonder of how far one can surpass the limits of parasocial relartionships- even if its just through unserious means? A funny little jaunt of humor?


The left was the original concept, before I told myself to go apeshit bc.. why not (the original room just had the heart table and two chairs, one being filled with haha funny Sans stuff i had.) It’s SL. No ones actually gonna be able to walk into this room unless I allow them. So I can do whatever I want!!!

The right is a full view of the room, before I added the birthday cakes and balloons. This is where the Tobyn Jacobs-esque walls come in- a grid-pattern of various faces Flayon has posted to twitter, stitched together in Photoscape, and applied on some basic prims to cover the walls.

The art comes off of Flayon’s twitter too- as well as some memes from McFlay’s I had found.

A couple weeks prior, I had made a Flayon itabag ( thanks { ROSIER } for selling these! ) using the same images, so I already had them on hand lol

Here is the almost finished room – Complete with birthday cakes!I didn’t realize his birthday was June 5th so this was really opportune to give it a bit of birthday flair too.

For an explanation on the table: A few years back, there were these gacha rip-off Furbys called “Lee-nos” that I bought at an event and, funny enough, the one I had was a deep red color, so I put that on the table with candy, the ita-bag, cakes, and a laptop with Flayon’s “he is suffering” art on an old mesh laptop I had. Theres also a bit of the Yandere/Obsessive influence in this too (I’m a huge Kanato fan, and Flayon has a cover of his image song Grateful Dead March), so I put a knife brick, a huge-ass knife, and a heart on display for that extra “Uhhhhhhhh” factor. Tee-hee.

Here’s a pic of Lena in her CONEJO Maid outfit enjoying some birthday cake :3

Solace told me it looked like Flayon was threatening him. Pretty valid I guess (pictured here is Lena trying to serve him cake, he wouldn’t take it “[because] it might be poisoned”)

And finally, This is the finished product – complete with that quote in the back. Also pictured is Lena wearing a shirt w Flayon on it (I wore this to a watch event in SL for Flayons3D reveal, yet again complete with that quote.)

This setup takes A LOT of prims- over 150! Sooooooo I probably won’t be leaving it up for long. However it is a fun little novelty to have for now. Especially when I’m barely loading into my house, you usually see the flayon room first lol

Anyway, thats all for this blog post. I’ll see you all in therapy! Laterzzzzzzzzzz

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