I have different lil characters for each of my avatars & accounts. I only have 2 accounts, freakmoch & hanamaki32; freakmoch is my older Resident, while HanaMaki was made cause i forgot the first ones password. Now that i got it back i just login to both depending on how i feel lol

freakmoch Resident

freaky mochas / freakmoch (they/them)
tag: #freakmoch

wears: all types of fashion
its just me in a funky little avatar.

moki mochabeans (she/her)
tag: #mocha beans

wears: lolita fashion (bare rose, insomnia angel), ball gowns.
smells like: ashes
always in a panic, worried about something

swamp freak (it/its)
tag: #swamp freak

wears: tripp pants, rave clothing, krankhaus, big eyes
smells like: lavender
too tired to deal with this shit

HanaMaki32 Resident

Naki Valentine (she/her)
tag: #naki valentine
wears: pink, dresses, goth fashion, lingerie
smells like: strawberries
my pride and joy, cute lil succubus who eats strawberries
in a murderous frenzy, and will do the same to ur neck :3
(i *think* her last name is still valentine)

Cytrux Meridian (it/its)
tag: #cytrux meridian

wears: tech wear, battle suits, armor
big ol android with a gun

Syrius Major (they/them)
tag: #syrius major

lil wizard guy. casts testicular torsion on your naked avis

Casper (he/him)
tag: #casperfreak

wears: Pink, krankhaus fashion
Can’t decide if hes an angel or devil or something in between. But he loves cats!