conejo pride culture summer fes

conejo island hosted a summer pride fest this weekend where you could hang out, participate and overall have some fun in the summer sun

I took my friend, Solace, along with me and we got to participate in a fishing event, hear stories around a bon fire, play some crane games, and even go-to a maid cafe!

(i took a lot of pics of the maid cafe hehe)

my favorite thing about SL is you can be whoever and whatever you want, the possibilities are truely endless. conejo island is probably my favorite place to visit simply because the uniqueness and creativity everyone puts into their avis

there was an avi art competition and you were tasked to draw someone in their selected pose. i got to draw two! … but mostly spend time on one, because i did not understand it was work on multiple pieces in a fast amount of time, i thought it was work on one piece the whole hour!!!!

here is bugonia’s avi. they were telling me how they related more to trees, and their avi def reflected that!! i wanted to showcase how awesome they looked… but my cintiq kept giving me problems so i only got 20 mins into it T_T

then realizing i had just a smidge more time (5mins sobs) i quickly sketched mori’s malice… SUPER CUTE!!!!!! her oc avis are always adorable and bright with that bit of murderous intent!

(i wanna draw a better malice portrait at some point T_T)

Here’s some other avis I loved but didnt get to draw…. sobs

the fes ended with a concert and everyone dancing on a rly cool looking dancefloor!!

thats rly all have to say… i made a ton of unique outfits ofr lena for this one, and ill be posting the stylecards up at a later date…. until then, laterssssssss!

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