a little bit of whimsy

I guess this will be my first true blogpost here. Hi.

I decided to switch to my own blog on my own site. Yes its still WordPress sadly. It just made my blog import easier and i’ll take that with all the salt in the ocean.

Hopefully i’ll be inspired to make more content here. Maybe not. but it does give me a bit more freedom and fun here bc I can do whatever I want, is my site hehehe :3

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New computer, new life

You’re going to notice all of my screencaps now have a graphics upgrade. That isn’t me pumping up the detail – I bought a new(ish) computer! I don’t have to run Firestorm solely in Linux anymore to save memory, I can just run it in Win10 now cause i have 4x the memory than before :3 (4G > 16G, which isn’t THAT big nowadays but it is to me sooo YEAH)

i never knew SL could like this nice lol

Avi Update: Lorenna… 2!

I updated Lorenna’s avi to have one new thing: A mesh head (and a name- You’ll notice she didn’t have one before this blog!)

But not just any mesh, its an anime mesh that actually looks really cute AND has BOM support wao~

I love the Tonic Cherry head, cause it makes me think of how Mabi still renders the eyes, mouth, nose as flat textures instead of mesh parts. But Mitsu opens a whole world of possibilities while maintaining the cute anime style Im looking for! :3 I’ll probably switch in between the two heads lol

I would normally use UTILIZATOR… but none of them meshed the way I wanted with my lolita’s appearance. So here we are.

Lots of screenshots

Observe Raven’s cute avatar and my doll Lorenna in a library Raven rezzed…

I love all the detail that goes into Raven’s avis – They’re all their own unique character and style. Lorenna has detail to her style too, but since its hard to find Lolita clothes, I end up repeating details in all of her outfits – and the rest of my avis on freakmoch.

*snaps 20364389 images of ravens avi hehehehehe*

Vae Victus hangout

While bugging Raven she took me to bug a favorite designer of mine and made me die of embarrassment help En~joy myself! TvTttt

There’s so much red ow. ow ow ow. It’s very pretty, the windlight in this area illuminates all the darkness with a big heart Moon so you can actually see the difference in the black tones… tho Twisted’s dragon avatar is a very welcome sight amongst all of these deep hues. Also: LOOK AT THE BUNNIES!!!!!!!!!! That dragon plays a song and you can actually ride it for a coin lol

but yeh… thats all i have for now. Later!

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